Speech & Language Therapy in Sevenoaks

Treatment Sessions

Please note that mostly, treatment is preceded by an indepth assessment session followed by a full report and recommendations.

  • Speech and Language (individual)

    This takes approximately sixty minutes and includes at least half an hour's face to face contact with the child. Parents / carers must be prepared to undertake a home programme with their child.

    The child may require more than one session per week. Then a shorter session may be more applicable. Discussion with parents or teachers does take place within an appointment time or in a separate ‘discussion appointment’ as deemed necessary.
  • Literacy

    This takes approximately sixty minutes with the child and involves multisensory language - based training methods. Parents / carers need to be fully involved with the home programme and therefore be required to observe the session in part or whole.
  • Thinking Skills

    Instrumental Enrichment (9 years upwards / group work only) These sessions follow the Instrumental Enrichment programme set out by Professor Reuben Feuerstein. Full dynamic assessment is required of each indiidual child for entry into the group. These sessions are recorded with video for training purposes only.