Speech & Language Therapy in Sevenoaks

Initial Appointments

  • Discussion Appointment (half hour without child).
  • Speech and Language Initial Assessment Appointment
    This would include approximately one and a half hours for taking a case history, establishing a baseline of skills through formal and / or informal assessments and giving a verbal management programme, approximating the amount of therapy which may be required. Following this will be a full report with recommendations.
  • Literacy Skills Assessment (5 1/2 years upwards)
    This would include a full case history, formal and informal literacy and cognitive assessments to establish a baseline, a verbal management programme and a full report with recommendations.
  • Combined Speech, Language and Literacy Skills Assessment.
  • Thinking Skills Assessment (5 years upwards)
    This full assessment would be undertaken in a dynamic way, using assessments from Professor Feuerstein's Learning Potential Assessment Device (9 years upwards), Professor Carl Haywood's and Professor David Tzuriel's Assessments (3 to 4 years upwards). A report would follow with very full recommendations for developing the child's cognitive potential.

N.B. All assessment sessions may include some thinking skills work as language and thought may not be separated. All treatment sessions may include some assessment as ongoing assessment of the ever changing developmental disorder / delay is required. The participation of the surrounding members of the child's environment and their willingness to make necessary changes for the good will affect the course of treatment.